Sexiest women on Earth | Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan has been voted the Sexiest Woman on Earth by the public – She is best known on UK TV for her part in the much loved and popular TV Drama called ‘Coronation Street’ on ITV which she first appeared on in 2007. The character MIchelle played in Coronation Street went by the name of Tina McIntyre and during her time on the show she featured in many gripping storylines.

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During this time we were all voting for MIchelle with FHM Magazine to out her in the runnings for 100 Sexiest Women poll.

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In 2011 MIchelle was featured on the front cover of FHM and was placed at  number 26 in the poll, this soon changed when in 2015 she bagged first place and was crowned The Sexiest Woman on the planet by FHM readers all over the world – we won’t argue with FHM on this one – she certainly is an absolute hottie!

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Since Coronation Street Michelle has starred in various TV and Film features including Red Dwarf, Ordinary Lies, PLebs & Our Girl to name but a few. MIchelle has also been recognised for her outstanding acting and has won the following awards: Best Newcomer, Sexiest Female, Best Soap Actress & Outstanding Serial Drama Performance which I am sure we are all in agreement when I say – Very much deserved – Well Done Michelle!

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Michelle has done it all – TV Soaps, TV Dramas, Comedies and even the theatre where she played the part of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan – Certainly the sexiest Tinkerbell we’ve ever known – don’t you agree?

In 2012 Michelle met her love match in Mark Wright, best known for his part in the hit TV show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and in May 2015 they were married. They work away from home alot so dont get to see each other much but they are still going strong!

We love Michelle Keegan and want her to keep appearing on our screens – she certainly is the Sexiest Woman In The World!

Highest Paid Hollywood Actress | Emma Stone

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Emma Stone, born Emily Jean Stone on 6th November 1988, is an American Actress who’s career has truly taken off. She began her acting career in 2000 at the young age of 12 where she played a role in the theater production called The Wind in The Willows. She then relocated to LA with her mother in 2004 and made her first TV debut in In Search of the New Partridge Family which was a reality show which turned out to be an unsuccessful pilot.

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Her first movie role was in Super bad in 2007 which received good reviews but her part in Zombie-land in 2009 got her some great media attention. She got nomination for Golden Globe for best actress for her starting role. She then saw her career skyrocket and starred in rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love and the drama The Help in 2011!

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Her role in the dark comedy Birdman in 2014 secured her the nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, then in the 2016 release, La La Land, landed Emma the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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Emma had some issues growing up and is said to have developed nodules and calluses on her vocal cords as a child, perhaps the reason for her well known sexy raspy voice – we love it! Emma also stated that she suffered panic attacks as a child and feels that this caused a decline in her social skills until she discovered her local theater group – this helped Emma overcome her panic attacks which is why she has such a passion for acting now.

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Emma has been crowned the Sexiest Actress Alive by Glamour’s magazine in its June 2018 issue in May 2018!

This means Emma has bagged this for the second year in a row and we couldn’t agree more, With her gorgeous look and her trademark raspy voice she is the top pick for most men in the world today and rightly so!

Glamour Magazines’ Annual Release – ‘Women Who Made History Hotter’ features the top voted 100 sexiest actresses and Emma is number one for the second year on the trot – you go girl!

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So if Emma is now known as the Sexiest Woman Alive does that make her boyfriend the luckiest man alive – we think so!

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